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We welcome you to our MudFacial Bar website which was founded by Marcos Rosales and a team of dedicated health and beauty professionals. Based in Hallandale Beach, Florida, the company started out small but through genuine dedication and hard work, we are able to produce countless of very satisfied clients.

With the success that we have today, we believe that there is still something more to be done in order to achieve our objectives. That’s why we work day and night, all year long, to provide you with the best health and beauty tips, products, and services.

Our team is always eager to look for better ways and innovative initiatives in order to exceed the expectations of our clients. It’s also part of our DNA to identify the needs of our clients and solve whatever issues they are facing when it comes to health and beauty.

The energy and enthusiasm of our team continue to increase as we help our clients reach their goals.  This is why we always wanted to make sure that our clients can reach us 24/7.

It’s our aim to ensure that we are always updated with what is happening in the health and beauty community. All the knowledge we have collected through research and surveys are then applied to our work.

MudFacial Bar is a company that’s obsessed with growth, development, and success. As we continue to become a huge and successful company, we invite you to join us in helping others become more beautiful from inside and out.